Beach, a haven for some, where one can just truly leave their worries and just enjoy the day under the sun. The beach is also a haven of activities just waiting for you to do and try them. It’s not always about just swimming and sunbathing on the beach you know.  


You can have so many things to do in the beach. You can maybe try surfing and if it is your first time you should go to the shop where you can get the paddle board rentals. There is always something you can get and you can do when you are on a beach.  

It is true that the beach can be a beautiful haven but it can also just as dangerous so, you should be careful about that. Before you lose your head in the fun you should precautions to ensure that you are as safe as possible and that somebody knows your where about. This is most especially when you are in open waters. One wrong move and you can be lost in the vast, vast territory of the ocean.  

In the following paragraphs below, you will tackle the different activities you can do in the beach besides swimming and sunbathing.  

Sandcastle Building  

Try your hand in the creative department and try building a sand castle right there on the sun. If you are vacationing and is not very familiar with the rules of the land. Make sure that you go talk and inquire about the rules of sandcastle building if there are any. Some local authorities doesn’t like it because it shifts the sand and could potentially be harmful on the environment in the long run.  

Picture Challenge  

If you are with friends why not play a little game about snap a picture. It could be like the amazing race but with you and your friends taking a picture of whatever all of you decided on what to do. This could be fun and you could met potential new friends this way. So, everybody should give picture challenge a try.  

Picnic by the Surf  

You should also try to have a picnic by the surf. You can just sit there have fun and eat whatever is on your plate. This is a bit laid back for an activity but it is not always about having some energy shaking fun. You can just have fun while you sit there staring out into the vast sea and beyond and contemplating.  

Beach Games  

You should join some beach games. Your friends can play together or you can enter a game with whoever, meeting strangers and bonding with people over a game. That could be a fun concept to play with you.  

Paint or Dance  

You can paint by the beach, you could either be recreating the beach or something different else entirely with no relevance to where you sat. You can also learn some dance moves that is truly unique to the seaside. If you can find some fire dancers why not ask them to teach you the basics you never know if you’ll be needing it in the future.